BlackBerry boat apps

BlackBerry apps for fishing and boating

BlackBerry Fishing and Boating Applications

Your BlackBerry can help you with anything, even with fishing or boating. Despite what some people say, long weekends are meant for relaxing, not finishing home projects. I’m hoping some of you got to enjoy some downtime. A lot of people decided to go fishing. It’s not for everyone, but I do recommend trying it at least once. You may want to stick to using a lure if you are squeamish about baiting your hook with a live worm. Geez, no matter how tight you tie them in a knot, they always wriggle free. You’re hoping to catch the big one, instead of talking about the one that got away.

“I’m tellin’ ya, it was this big!”

“Um, the last time you told this story, it was only this big.”

Besides reeling in a good haul, it’s also a great time to spend some time with your friends. Hanging out in a boat, the sound of the water, the beautiful scenery and the beer hidden underwater that’s tied to the boat. If you decide to bring your BlackBerry, I’d suggest you make sure it’s in a waterproof case (maybe even a Ziploc). I also suggest that you check out these apps that are geared towards anglers and boaters.