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BabyBerryApps bonds babies, birth and BlackBerry



It’s funny how looking at baby pictures of your growing kids makes you miss them at a younger age. It also makes you want to have more. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to help build the BlackBerry addicted army of the future is there?! With more and more information readily available to new and expecting parents, sometimes the options on how to raise your children can potentially be absolutely overwhelming. I always wonder how my parents did it. They didn’t have Super Nanny to consult. I wish they did; it might have saved them the multiple trips to the hospital for a certain, accident-prone kid.

The other day, I stumbled upon BabyBerryApps and their BlackBerry applications designed to help bridge the gap between babies and Berrys. I think BabyBerryApps and I are on the same page; your BlackBerry should help make your life easier, so you can spend more time being a family. Over a year ago, I wrote an article containing suggested, helpful apps for parents – you can read it here. Alicia also put together a list of apps you can use to entertain and educate your children. After the jump we take a brief look at their current app line up. As BabyBerryApps say they cover everything “from fetal movements to contractions to diapers”.

Peek-A-GO! I see you (on my BlackBerry)


Review: Baby GO! for BlackBerry Smartphones

Baby GO!

Baby GO! is a safe child entertainment/educational application for your BlackBerry. They’re so cute! Their eyes twinkle when they spot a new and exciting thing. The look of absolute joy emblazoned across their drooling little faces, as they get their new toy in their hands, is so adorable. Am I talking about a baby or a BlackBerry user? Both actually. It seems as though the BlackBerry screen just catches a child’s eyes and won’t let go- they’re compelled to touch it. In the past, I’ve installed all types of media for our son when he was younger. The fear of drool/water damage was always in the back of my mind, so we usually held the BlackBerry for him. Now that he’s older, it’s time for him to be more interactive with the BlackBerry. While drool is no longer a factor, I worried about him changing or deleting items or worse- accidently emailing Kevin and saying “ejtna4lt4nrdfgbsdf,m.gnet3”.

Baby GO! provides your child with hours of entertainment. They are taught letters, numbers and animals, without having access to any other BlackBerry functions. It’s great to have when in a pinch; I’ve seen it used while in line for a sale. Anyone with a child in their lives should check this out.