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Review: SixTools for BlackBerry smartphones



More power. It’s not just the Tool Man that’s looking to tweak and tinker in order to achieve that goal. Some do it with fewer explosions (and a lot less grunting). Admit it, when you get a new gadget that you love, a voice in your head will, without fail, say something along the line of “Yeah…it’s cool..but…I wish I could…(insert awesome tweak idea here)!” Don’t fight it, it will happen without fail. Some choose to ignore it, others strive to attain it. Want an example? Try checking out BlackBerry App World or the CrackBerry App Store- they’re called applications.

Take the SixTools application for example. Recognizing what is available in OS 6 it adds “what if” and “how about” through shortcuts, alerts, sounds and more. Those who weren’t completely satisfied with what OS 6 offers, should take a look at the functionality this application provides. I’d suggest you put down the welding gun or duct tape and have a read on.

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Life in the (BlackBerry) Cloud

Life in the BlackBerry Cloud

As much as I've resisted joining it, I must admit: life inside the cloud is great. Online storage means I never have to worry about losing important files, and I can access them from anywhere connected to the internet. The other day, my laptop computer conked out on me: Blue Screen of Death, corrupted files, the works. I called Tech Support to get the "magical" code that will let me perform a factory reset on the laptop. Right before the guy finally released this sensitive information, he asked if I had done a backup of all my important files.

All of my important files are saved in my DropBox. All my passwords are locked up with Last Pass. All my bookmarks and favorites are automatically updated and shared between my browsers. Why would I need to run a backup? Rather than explain all of that, I just said, "It's fine." A short while later, my computer is up and running.

Thanks to DropBox and LastPass, I'm back - fully restored - in less than a day. What I really like about both of these programs is their BlackBerry applications. Using DropBox on my ‘Berry, I can download any of my files. LastPass on my smartphone means I use only one password amongst all my internets; copy and paste takes care of the rest. Head on past the break to learn more; I'll even show you a couple of alternatives.

Has your inkwell run dry? The AP Stylebook for BlackBerry gives you a refill


Associated Press

I have to be honest with you; some days it’s difficult to put two words together. These days seem to coincide with the days my brain decides to bubble, lose molecular stability and then decides to ooze out of my ears. It’s at that point when anything I decide to write begins to sound like the ramblings of a mad man, who also has issues spelling korektlee...I mean correctly. Thank goodness I have my better half to point out every. single. mistake. I. make. (love you!).

Besides dealing with writer’s block, as well as spelling/grammatical mistakes, it’s also helpful to get a grasp on what impact you are making with your words of wisdom. Why are you writing about it? Who are you looking to reach out to? Where should you be sharing your valuable insight? It’s a lot to think about – when you’re already thinking about what to write. The other day, the Associated Press unleashed an application they call “an essential tool for writers” – The Associated Press Stylebook mobile. It’s designed to help you find your voice, through guidelines. The 2010 AP Stylebook includes:

  • A new Social Media Guidelines section, with information on using tools like Facebook and Twitter, as well as 42 separate entries on such terms as app, blogs, click-throughs, friend and unfriend, metadata, RSS, search engine optimization, smart phone, trending, widget and wiki.
  • New terms like; Great Recession- referring to the 2007-08 economic downturn that was the worst recession since the Great Depression, and tea party, for the conservative political movement, along with new entries for Alcoholics Anonymous, Bluetooth, Blu-ray, bondholder, Breathalyzer, flu-like, GED, International Space Station, mic -as the shortened form for microphone, hard line, high-five, Taser, thumbs-up and Ultimate Fighting.
  • The change in AP style from “Web site” to “website”

The app normally costs $24.99, but is discounted to $19.99 for early adopters- who will get the 2010 app, plus a free upgrade to 2011 this spring.

Pricing for the AP Stylebook is high, but if you’re looking to separate yourself from the rest of the pack, it may be worth a look. Check out the press release after the jump.

More information/download the AP Stylebook from BlackBerry Appworld

BlackBerry App Roundup for February 25th, 2011! Win 1 of 50 copies of US Holidays 2011!


BlackBerry App RoundUp Feb 25th

Howdy and welcome to the weekly app roundup! If you haven’t had a chance yet, go and sign up for AppVerse in the CrackBerry App Store! What better way to socialize, check out some recommended apps and even see the faces behind this amazing site. Who knows? You may even see some reviews for a few of the apps listed below.

Today, we announce the winners of the InfoBox giveaway and also give you the chance to win one of 50 copies of US Holidays 2011! Have a rootin’ tootin’ weekend! Giddy up!

Freebies of the Week: CricketCalling, SearchMyApps,

In Case You Missed It: at the booth!, WiFi Manager

New This Week: Call Notes Live, SmartSwitch, MultiCalc

Cool at BlackBerry App World: Cogimap for the PlayBook

Contest: Win one of 50 copies of US Holidays 2011!