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Review: Carbonite for BlackBerry smartphones



Carbonite Inc has been around since 2005. The company provides a nearly effortless way to back up and restore data on your computer. In fact, their motto is simply “Back it up. Get it back”. The days of not backing up your personal data are over, and have been for quite some time, so why aren’t you? There are many different options to consider; Carbonite is one to definitely look at. As far as security goes, they use 128-bit Blowfish encryption to keep everything locked down tight. They can handle all user generated files, no matter if you are looking at backing up a few documents, 200 GB of music or more.

As far as BlackBerry goes, they’ve added a few updates to their Carbonite application not too long ago. Through the Carbonite app, you can browse through, download and email practically any file you have backed up from your PC to your account. Is this the type of access you are looking for? Let’s take a peek.

Bye bye GPSLogger, say hello to GPSLogger II


A GPS Application for BlackBerry Smartphones

GPSLogger II 

2 Years (and 1 week) ago we reviewed the GPSLogger application. Matthias ( originally developed the application in order to record your movement. Speed, elevation, direction, path; almost everything was captured effortlessly. In fact, GPSLogger didn’t just capture current values, but track and graph the values recorded at each interval throughout your trek. It even included a compass mode, import/export GPX and KML files, night mode viewing, and the ability to keep logs of POI along the way.

Now I speak of it in past tense because GPSLogger has been succeeded by GPSLogger II. Completely rewritten, it adds a slew of impressive functionality. Through BBM6 integration, GPSLogger II allows you to share your location (or direction) with your BBM contacts automatically. Now that’s definitely a new way to stay connected through BBM. No need to ask where they are, you’ll be able to tell instantly. Keep in mind that this feature is only available to BBM6 beta testers for now. If you aren’t one of them, you can still enjoy the following new features:

  • Append Logging
  • BlackBerry Maps
  • Additional (multiple) Views
  • Emergency Alerts
  • Sharing Location (email)
  • Configurable Status Bar
  • Additional new Keyboard shortcuts
  • Elevation plausibility check
  • Additional information: The climb in percen and the average speed over the last minute
  • The Distance Alert [GPSLogger: Special Options]

You’ll also be happy to know that, despite all of these new features now available, GPSLogger II is free. Check out the new features in detail after the jump.

More information/download GPSLogger II for BlackBerry smartphones

Slide Show Maker puts your images to music. Warning: tender moments may occur

Slide Show Maker 

When looking at images on your BlackBerry, you may have noticed the View Slide Show option. Your images you have stored are panned through with style. That’s…pretty much it. Oh, wait, sorry. From the options menu you can only change the interval from 4 to 8 seconds between images.

Go from grr to aaah with Therapy Studio

Therapy Studio

Hey. How are you doing? Did you have a bad day? I’m sorry to hear that. Why don’t you sit back and relax while I start playing some relaxing, soothing sounds to calm your nerves.

BlackBerry apps for teachers - a CrackBerry guide


No more apples for the teacher with these BlackBerry smartphone and PlayBook apps

School of Rock CrackBerry Guide to Teacher Apps  

Another year of school is coming to an end- for some, it already has. For the following couple of months you can relax, enjoy the sun and forget about the next school year. At that point, you ready your new school clothes, supplies and hopefully a new BlackBerry. That’s fine and dandy, but as you run out of the halls, and into the outside world, most forget about another group of people that have worked so hard the past year – the teachers. Yes the Coopers, the Kotters and the Beldings (wait… he was a Principal).

In the past, we have covered applications geared towards helping students throughout the year, as many others have as well. Not so much when it comes to teachers. I’m pretty sure that they need less apples and more applications these days. Welcome to the CrackBerry Guide to Teacher Applications. I’ve tried to put together a list of applications that teachers could benefit from. I’m not, nor have I ever been a teacher – in fact, it’s been quite a few years since I’ve even sat in a classroom. Hopefully teachers will give me extra credit for this list.