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LittleBrother updated to include BBM integration



Looking for an effortless way to announce your arrival or departure to those who are important to you? How about doing so without causing a huge demand on your monthly allotted data plan? The utility app LittleBrother is one such app, which we just so happened to have covered in the past. Imagine having an app that sends out an automatic email or SMS to specific contacts that let them know if you are leaving from, or arriving at, a particular location. It’s a low profile app that doesn’t suck the life out of your battery, as other GPS apps do. LittleBrother says no to GPS and instead relies on Cell Tower location. It allows for around the clock uptime without draining the battery. Unless you’re using GPS to get directions while you’re commuting, then LittleBrother is the perfect tool for you. It’s also a time saver, as you no longer have to send the standard “I’m here” or “I’m on my way” – it does it for you. Not only that but, if you’re a foursquare user, you can set up LittleBrother to check into venues for you. Check out the details of what LittleBrother offers to see what can really do. Recently, LittleBrother was updated to version to include BBM integration.

Accept payments on the go from your BlackBerry with PayAnywhere



To be quite honest, it is about time that a mobile payment company decided to bring their application to BlackBerry considering how many business users are out there, and how much potential there is for the applicaiton on the platform. Yesterday PayAnywhere, a mobile payment processing company, announced their new BlackBerry application which will allow people to accept payments while on the go. There are several other applications and accessories which aim to do the same, but PayAnywhere has taken it to the next level. Not only have they come in with the lowest rate in the industry for processing fees, but from what I have seen in using the others available for other platforms, they also have incorporated the most features by far.

BlackBerry users can now easily create receipts, accept payments, and more while on the go right from their beloved BlackBerry device. No business is to large or to small for PayAnywhere, so if you are interested in accepting payments while on the go, be sure to hit the break and check it out in action, and get one for yourself today!

Need fashion advice? Try Trendstop Fashion TrendTracker Premium for BlackBerry


Trendstop Fashion Trend Trcker

If you are a fashion professional, you may have heard of Trendstop at some point in your career. They provide access to seasonal trend reports, trend forecasts and which key items you need to have. Through an online subscription, you can enjoy trend theme layouts, trend innovator analysis and much more. There is a free BlackBerry smartphone application already live in BlackBerry App World that provides fashion news on the go called Trendstop Fashion TrendTracker. Whether it’s hi-res videos, image or news feeds on fashion trends, or sharing trends through your Facebook, Twitter or email account, you’ll easily stay on track with what’s hot now, and what you should expect to be hot in the future. Recently, Trendstop and their mobile app developer partner Amoja Limited, have introduced a premium version of their mobile offering.

“From the wonderful feedback we have received from our most active Blackberry users, we have discovered there is an appetite for more fashion coverage, more galleries, and more looks. By offering a Premium version of our Fashion TrendTracker for Blackberry users, is connecting Blackberry users from around the world with the most up-to-date fashion forecasts and trends for a price that is right,” says Jaana Jatyri,’s Founder.

The premium version is available and builds upon what their free app has already done. The free application will still be available if it suits you. Premium subscribers will enjoy:

  • Complete access to’s most exclusive features.
  • 20+ premium trends throughout the month.
  • 10+ exclusive premium news stories throughout the month.
  • All looks from Fall/Winter 2012-2013 designer shows.
  • Trend-worthy influential Editor’s picks.
  • Full screen image showing more views of each featured news items and trend.

The premium app is said to be aimed at trend-conscious consumers and professionals. You can grab the Trendstop Fashion TrendTracker application for free from BlackBerry App World. Read the official press release after the jump.

More information/Download Trendstop Fashion TrendTracker for BlackBerry smartphones

How to take pictures on your BlackBerry without the shutter sound - SilentCam




Ah the sound of a picture being taken. The sound of the “shutter” is designed to make picture taking much less discreet. This is to protect the rights, and privacy, of individuals. It also makes it damn hard to snap a pic of an unreleased product (say a smartphone from a certain company), without drawing attention to yourself. You would then have to resort to an obnoxiously loud fake cough to attempt to cover up what you are doing. Whether you find it annoying or not, the shutter sound is here to stay, or is it?

ToySoft Development Inc came up with an application called SilentCam. As you may have guessed, it offers an alternative (and silent) way to take a picture. This is workaround as it takes a screen shot of the “view finder” rather than taking a picture. The image is captured and saved without anyone being the wiser. Now keep in mind that you cannot alter the image resolution at all when saving the image; however you can zoom in and out of the picture before it’s saved. The image quality will differ, depending on which BlackBerry smartphone you are using. The image resolution will be 640 x 480 on a BlackBerry Bold 9900 but will be a 480x360 on a BlackBerry Bold 9780.

Profile Scheduler - set your sound profiles to automatically change with your schedule

Profile Scheduler

Since moving to Colorado, my schedule has lightened up a bit but I really wish I'd had an app like Profile Scheduler when I was working full time. With this app, you can set your sound profiles according to your weekly and weekend schedule. Have a weekly meeting at the same time every Monday? Worried you will be that person who forgets to turn their cell phone to silent? Worry no more, Profile Scheduler by Javatek Media has you covered! Keep reading after the break for all the features and screenshots of this fantastic app!

Do you like taking shortcuts? Try MyOwnHotkeys for BlackBerry smartphones



The name Fonware is synonymous for shortcuts. It’s true! With well known applications such as; ShortcutMe, MediaKeyBooster and MyOwnIcons, practically anything you can push or press can potentially be a shortcut to an application, a contact or an URL. Shortcuts can only increase your performance and productivity if it can execute the command flawlessly. These apps do, and the newest addition, called MyOwnHotkeys is definitely no exception. Imagine setting up to 4 shortcuts for the each letter on your keyboard plus the space key. So, for example, you can press A once for Twitter for BlackBerry, twice for the Browser (in case you wanted to check out, three times for the music player and four for Foursquare. Keep reading to learn more about MyOwnHotkeys.