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Avatar Animator brought my BBM to life in this review

Avatar Animator

As you have gone through your BlackBerry Messenger contacts, you may have noticed that their avatars have become alive. I’m not talking about something colorful, wild or risqué, I mean truly animated. If you didn’t know before, your BlackBerry already has a number of animated emoticons you can use as your BlackBerry Messenger Avatar. You may have noticed a few of your contacts on BBM have some unique avatars. I’ve seen them wave at me, laugh or dance.

Where's a photo booth when you need one? Photo Booth Pro for BlackBerry smartphones in review


Photo Booth Pro turns your BlackBerry smartphone into a photo booth that you can stick in your pocket! The Photo Booth, you can find them at almost every mall and they’re used for almost any occasion. You may have seen people acting like absolute goofs in the booth (you’ve done it too, admit it). Others may use them to take more memorable, or serious, shots like for headshots or forms of ID. To be honest, I’m not sure what type of use makes me laugh more. They’re all entertaining, although slightly inconvenient due to location limitations. Now before you go out and start pricing a photo booth for your house, I should point you in the direction of a BlackBerry smartphone app called Photo Booth Pro.

Amazing video sharing app Snipper for BlackBerry reviewed


"This app is very easy to use, quick and simple. Get it!" - GavisGod1 App World review


Have you heard of Snipper before? The company states that it’s personal mobile video broadcasting. It’s a cross platform solution that pushes videos to and from your BlackBerry smartphone; which makes for lag free viewing awesomeness. At Mobile World Congress, Snipper was featured at the BlackBerry Showcase Theatre and is putting a twist on how you can reach out to the world with your videos. Youtube has its public videos, unlisted videos and private videos (except for other youtube users). What Snipper does is essentially create channels that can be directed at different groups of contacts. Think of Google + and its circles- you decide which individuals can enjoy which videos. You can still have private and public channels- it’s much easier than entering in specific contacts each time you upload a private video. Dear old Aunt Ethel may not want to see what actually happened in Vegas. Or maybe she does. Regardless, that’s just a part of what Snipper can allow you to do, so have a read for more information...

Quick Review: Pocket Trainer for BlackBerry smartphones


It's Health & Fitness Month at Mobile Nations!

Pocket Trainer

I'll be the first to admit I'm not in perfect shape; my expanding waistline is a pretty good indication of that, so fitness month came at just the right time. Now while I joined a gym I'm clueless when it comes to picking the right equipment, how long I should do it for, or if I'm even doing it right. While my co-worker suggested I take advantage of the gym's personal trainers my bank account says there's has to be a cheaper way to learning the basics or maintaining a balanced exercise regimen. After scouring the health and fitness section of BlackBerry App World I think I found the answer I've been looking for in Pocket Trainer by Core Interaction, Inc

Review: Wunderlist for BlackBerry smartphones


“Wunderlist is the best free task manager and better with each new platform they add! Even better than lots of paid task managers…” – PepaBCN App World review



For me, I need lists to keep myself productive. I need to have that to-do list to refer to, as well as to help me plug away. A few weeks ago, Adam shared the news of the popular Wunderlist application finally making its way to the BlackBerry smartphone OS. If you haven’t heard of it before, Wunderlist is a free cloud-sync task management application that, in my opinion, is long overdue on the BlackBerry OS. No matter what kind of list you’re working on, you can use Wunderlist to easily share it with others in order to complete the list with a team effort. Since Wunderlist is cross-platform, you can effortlessly access your lists, no matter where you are or what you are using. This is great as there are times when I need to look at my memopad or task app on my BlackBerry smartphone (where I usually keep my lists), but it’s in the other room charging or at my desk. I, for one, am happy to have Wunderlist on my BlackBerry.

Quick Review: ZonaSnap for BlackBerry smartphones



Hi, I’m a chronic screen capturing fiend. It’s true! If there’s an application review to do, I snap a pic. If I happen to stumble upon a funny image, I snap a pic. If I find a glitch or error, I snap a pic. If I see someone saying something not so nice on some social network, perhaps about our beloved smartphones, you bet your sweet bippy I snap a pic. There’s no question that you’ll always have a need for a screen capture. The question is which screen capture application should you go with?

When I switched over to a BlackBerry 7 smartphone, my long time capturing app was unable to make the journey with me; it wasn’t supported. I was then on a quest for something new. I remember looking at ZonaSnap a few months ago and decided to give it a shot. Though I had it for less than a year, it quickly became one of my most-used apps of 2011. Read on to see why.

Review: LensBoost for BlackBerry smartphones



These days, taking images isn’t enough anymore, you want to add some style to them. Before there were BlackBerry applications that could handle those requests, I would upload the images to my computer and use Photoshop to make changes. LensBoost has quickly become an incredibly popular image filtering application amongst BlackBerry 7 users. The application won 2nd place at the DevCon WebWorks Hackathon. In fact, I’ve occasionally read, or overheard someone calling it the BlackBerry Instagram. While those sentiments are complimentary, LensBoost is its own entity. Originally, I was going to include it in my latest head to head to head review of image editing applications, but decided against it until it was out of beta. I did decide, however, to stick to LensBoost for my image filtering needs. Why? Because it applies filters quickly, cleanly and most importantly, beautifully! Once you’re done, the application lets you share your creations with friends on Facebook, BBM and Twitter.

Quick Review: PinShare for BlackBerry smartphones


If you’ve read any of my articles regarding the BlackBerry PIN, you may have noticed that my views on privacy are slowly being swayed towards being more open with sharing my PIN. The other day, Kevin introduced you to a new application/social network known as PinShare; where, as you would probably guess, share your PIN with potential connections. Before doing so, you can view their image, read their brief bio and finally connect with them via BlackBerry Messenger. You send off a message, up to 100 characters, and it shows up in the recipient’s message inbox. A home screen notification icon is also generated. You can then choose to connect with them over BBM or not.

Essentially, it’s another database of BlackBerry smartphone users looking to share their PIN, yet, at the same time, it’s not. It’s a smooth rolodex of social users looking for a variety of things, but most importantly a decent conversation. Now I did notice that my BlackBerry Bold 9900 would start to lag from time to time while running PinShare; perhaps an indication that it was retrieving a large amount profiles that were just created? Just keep in mind that you’ll be receiving messages from people that may not want to, be the same can be said if you were to post your PIN in a forum. Once you trudge through the unwanted messages (which in reality come in rather infrequently) you may find a select few worthy of your BBM. Check out the video for a quick walkthrough as well as how to set up your own profile. You can grab PinShare for free from BlackBerry App World. Screenshots can be found after the jump.

More information/download PinShare for BlackBerry smartphones

Review: HomeScreen Missed Calls for BlackBerry smartphones


HomeScreen Missed Calls

What do you do if you miss a call on your BlackBerry smartphone? Do you click “View” on the native missed call popup, or do you click close? If I’m busy, I’ll ignore it for the moment and wait to see if a voicemail is left. Besides, I could always check by pressing on the green call button. There is quite a few times where I do forget to check, until hours later. By that time, it’s too late. I do have friends that, annoyingly, do not leave a voicemail, as they expect me to call back out of curiosity (*cough*Isaac*cough). Believe me when I say it’s not because I don’t want to talk to you. Unless it’s you, no not you…you! Yes, I’m probably ignoring you.

HomeScreen Missed Calls takes an interesting approach in telling you who you have just ignored/missed. Those callers you failed to connect with are displayed on your home screen; a constant reminder of how disconnected you actually are. Missed calls are actually represented by pictures/icons, so even if you clear the missed call popup, you can be reminded each time you check your BlackBerry smartphone; which you do almost every 10 minutes or so anyway!

Review: puZZed for BlackBerry smartphones



My wife can attest to the fact that the snooze button on my alarm and I have a love/hate relationship. It hates to see me sleep in and I love smacking the crap out of it. I guess you can say my alarm clock and I have mutually abusive relationship, as well. It’s gotten to the point that I had to place my alarm on the other side of the room, so that I’m forced to get up in order to hit snooze – in the hopes that I just decide to give up and wake up. That also doesn’t seem to work every time, as I now shuffle from my bed to the alarm and back to bed like a zombie. Perhaps I need to get to bed earlier, or perhaps I need a more insistent alarm to make sure I am up.

I’ve never been one for alarm applications on my BlackBerry smartphone – I’ve had the same old alarm clock for almost a decade. Maybe that’s why it’s so easy to hit snooze or turn off. I know it so well, I can use it in my sleep (honestly!). I need more of a challenge to help me wake up. When I first heard of the puZZed application, I didn’t take it too seriously. Now after using it, it may replace a decade old toxic relationship with my old alarm.