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BlackBerry 10.2 SDK goes gold, available to download now


BlackBerry 10.2 SDK

BlackBerry 10.2 Gold SDK launches tomorrow - Join the BB Jam Direct Virtual Event for all the details


Developers looking to be in the know for the 10.2 SDK will be happy to know that BlackBerry is holding a virtual event tomorrow in conjunction with the release of the 10.2 Gold SDK. The event takes place tomorrow, August 14th from 2pm to 5pm EDT and will show off some of what's new in the latest SDK. Developers can get info on all of the new features of the SDK to start developing apps for the upcoming OS 10.2 release. 

Why is there a Hub icon now?


Are you among the many folks who downloaded the leaked BlackBerry 10.2 file for your BlackBerry smartphone? If you are, did you notice there is now an icon for the BlackBerry Hub? There's a pretty hot debate in the CrackBerry Forums right now about why this Hub icon is even there and some folks have even gone so far as to remove the files needed for the icon to exist.

It's no secret that there are unwanted icons on pretty much every device on the market today, be it Android, iOS, Windows Phone or whatever else you can think of. Some icons are just plain redundant to have showing on a smartphone and many folks feel this Hub icon is among them.

What's new in BlackBerry OS 10.2


OS 10.2 hit like a storm over the weekend and lots of users have fired up the leak on their Z10, Q10 or Q5. While it's far from an official release, it's running very well for most users. 10.2 has a slew of new features with it as well. Everything from priority hub to interactive notifications to lockscreen notifications.

If you were wondering just what all the new features in 10.2 are, the folks at have compiled a changelog of sorts that lists many of the new features found in the leaked OS. The original list was in Polish but Ronen took the time to list it out in English so we have a sizeable list of what's new.

Quick Look: BlackBerry 10.2 lock screen notifications


BlackBerry simplifying error code messages in BlackBerry 10.2


Remember with BlackBerry OS devices when they were having issues they'd spit out some random java code error messages that left you puzzled as to what exactly may be going on? They were always rather nondescript and sent many folks on hunt to find out their exact meaning. With BlackBerry 10 there is still some weird error messages that can come up, especially if you like mussing about with leaked OS' and different radio files.

When BlackBerry 10.2 rolls out though, it's looking like the error messages will be improved to offer up a better understanding of the issue may be. In addition to that, a recently published BlackBerry knowledge base article indicates BlackBerry will be setting up a specific site to further educate customers on the error messages should they happen to appear. Instead of just spitting out an error, should a device be having issues customers will see a URL with an error code.

Spotted in BlackBerry Actionable Notifications, Wi-Fi Direct and more!


If you've hopped into the CrackBerry forums today, you may have noticed there is some time being spent on getting a newer BlackBerry 10.2 build up and running, to be exact. As we previously noted, it has some goodies in it such as a new native Evernote app, some updated applications but in addition to that, it's also showing off some new notifications as well as the previously confirmed WiFi direct

Actionable notifications has been one of my gripes with the OS for a while now so, seeing a new way of interacting with notifications is in the works pleases me immensely. You can jump below to see some screenshot of the OS and hopefully, we'll see a completely working build of it get pieced together over the next little while.

What do you want to see in BlackBerry 10.2?


That's enough of the iOS talk for now. We have better things to discuss and as we mentioned earlier, BlackBerry needs to keep moving. That said though, we know that's exactly what they're doing as it's no secret that BlackBerry 10.2 is already being worked on with several changes already having been confirmed and even more information appearing pretty much on a daily basis.

It's true, many folks are still waiting for BlackBerry 10.1 to arrive but that's no reason for BlackBerry to slow down. Slowing down and resting on their laurels, some would say, put them in the position they're pulling themselves out of currently. The real question however is what can BlackBerry do to make BlackBerry 10.2 better? What can be added or improved in BlackBerry 10.2 to push it even further?