Review: BlackBerry 1-Click Installer (BBOCI)


BBOCI for BlackBerry

I've probably upgraded, downgraded, and reloaded the OS on every device I've ever owned more times than I can keep track of. However I've experienced a few bugs here and there over the years when restoring my third party applications. Sometimes Desktop Manager says there's a required update to the OS even after I just reloaded it, asks to downgrade BlackBerry Messenger, or has various compatibility or application load errors.

When it comes to reloading applications it's always good to have choices. So in addition to AppLoader, BBSAK, and DM, there's another utility program out there that you can add to the list. BlackBerry 1-click installer (or BBOCI) by Bach Khoa University is an easy to use desktop program that allows you to quickly install third party applications to your device without using Desktop Manager or any other program for that matter.