BBM for Android

New Android BBM update arriving on devices with UI overhaul


Looking for a new BBM update? BBM for Android version is rolling out now to supported devices, and there's a solid changelog to go along with the version bump. Not only is there a substantial UI overhaul that has added new options to chats but there's also layout tweaks to the main navigation menu. The biggest new addition is the quick reply notification support for Android N. Nougat devices like the upcoming KEYone and the now available Aurora will have a smooth BBM experience without the application loading every time you fire off a quick response.

Using BBM 2.0 for Android


A big BBM update has just landed for Android (and indeed, iOS users), bringing it to version 2.0. The update brings BBM Channels, BBM Voice and a few other new features to our non-BlackBerry toting friends. You’ll find a find a few things have moved around but the overall look is pretty much the same.

Along the bottom you should have some tabs, just as with the first iteration of BBM for Android. But now you have Updates down there in place of Contacts. You will now have to access contacts in the menu when you press the three lines icon in the bottom left of the screen. What you will also find in that menu is the addition of a Channels tab. This is the BBM Channels section.

A hands-on look at BBM 2.0 for Android and iOS - Channels, voice calls, location sharing, and more!


In addition to CESLive, there's several other events happening that we'll be checking out while in Las Vegas and one of those is the New Media Expo. Earlier, Rene stopped by the BBM booth to speak with Jeff Gadway about the brand new BBM 2.0 beta for Android and iOS. 

Although still in beta for now, the update includes BBM channels for broadcasting and interaction, voice calls for crystal clear audio, location sharing via Glympse to let your contacts know where you are, but only for as long as you feel comfortable, and 100 new emoticons, 25 of which were chosen by the BBM users.

Fun Video: Checking out the BBM For ALL van in Miami!


This past Friday while in Miami I finally had a chance to check out one of the BBM For All vans that has been rolling around and spreading the word that BBM is now available for iOS and Android devices.

Be sure to watch the video above to get a good look at the BBM van and related happy fun times that occur if you also get the chance to visit one of these in person. Avid readers of CrackBerry will remember Khalid, who earlier this year at BlackBerry Live gave us an awesome tour of the then-black BlackBerry 10 Keep Moving van. His team and the van have been making regular appearances in South Beach, though for our walk through they were good enough to meet us in Wynwood. The van gets attention - even while the guys were setting up for our walk through, a car driving by stopped and a loyal BB user pulled out his old Bold and professed his love for BBM and wantingness to upgrade to a Q10.

The waiting line for BBM for iPhone and Android is no more

You may have trouble messaging those on BBM for Android and iOS if you have BBM Channels beta installed

PSA: You may have trouble messaging friends on Android and iOS if you have BBM Channels beta installed


This weekend is big for BBM. It is finally going multi platform. Unless, you've been living under a rock for the past few weeks, you've probably been reading and hearing all the hubbub surrounding #BBM4ALL. We're still waiting on BBM for Android. Hang in there, it's coming. And BBM for iOS is getting a staggered release, slowly pumping out, depending on what time zone you live in.