BBbundle launches the Ultimate BlackBerry Experience Bundle - Get 6 apps for 85% off



BBbundle is a new app store that features software bundles for BlackBerry at great saving. The first offer, the Ultimate BlackBerry Experience Bundle contains six apps at an 85% discount. The bundle features bMind, Final Battle Adventure, PhotoClub, SlickTasks, Horoscope Pro and Personality Psychology Pro for just $9.99. The deal is only on for the next 5 days, so get now while the getting is good. If that's not enough incentive, for every bundle purchased, $1 also goes to to the Akshaya Trust.

The bundles won't be available for BlackBerry 10 devices either, but if you're using a pre-OS 7 device you're good to go. Keep reading for the full press release and hit up the link below for more info.

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