Basecamp and BlackBerry - let's summit up


Basecamp and BlackBerry

37signals launched a web-based project management tool, which was dubbed Basecamp. By using this online tool, users could create, manage and share documents or other files, time trackers, tasks and more. It also creates a centralized, participatory method of communication between teams and/or clients through the use of message boards and comments – much like we see in the CrackBerry forums. Tasks or projects can be assigned due dates and to a specific team member to complete. Through the time tracker the team can report how long they worked on each task, either in the Time tracking section or the To-Do section. It really is an amazing way to see what needs to be done, who is working on it, how long they’ve taken and what everyone has to say. It’s arguably a lot more productive (and exciting) than a simple email or calendar entry.

Now you could always access it from your laptop when you’re on the go, but sometimes all you need and all you have access to, is your BlackBerry. Is there a problem with that? Of course not, it’s a BlackBerry! If you are a current, or potential, Basecamp customer, here are some options you can look at to access what you need right from your BlackBerry.