Barack Obama

President Barack Obama can't leave home without his BlackBerry


President Obama retrieves his BlackBerry

Even for a normal person, leaving your BlackBerry at home is a pretty traumatic experience that results in panic and ultimately a return trip home but if you're President Barack Obama, that experience is even more intense. As he was heading to Las Vegas aboard Marine One, President Barack Obama realized he had forgot something in the White House and headed back inside, telling reporters 'I forgot something.'

The White House begins testing Samsung and LG phones - or are they?


According to the Wall Street Journal, The White House is starting to test devices other than BlackBerry — namely Samsung and LG. The tests are still in the early stages and any implementation is still "months away" however. Neither Samsung nor LG commented on the rumor, but a Defense Department spokesman said that The White House "is piloting and using a variety of mobile devices".

Barack Obama took a selfie on a BlackBerry Z10


We recently heard that US President Barack Obama is sticking with his BlackBerry and actually isn't allowed to use an iPhone, but what we didn't know is just what device the President has by his side. He's been a Bold 9900 user for quite a while now, but it looks like he may have recently upgraded to the BlackBerry 10 train.