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How to sign, convert and install Android files for your BlackBerry PlayBook using Windows or Mac


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Since the release of PlayBook OS 2.0 we've been covering a lot of different ways to get Android apps onto your BlackBerry PlayBook. Most of the methods covered take into account that you may already have the Android .APK files converted to a BlackBerry PlayBook compatible .BAR file and go from there. Gathering up converted .BAR files and installing them is the easy part, but what if you want to convert your own Android files for use rather than downloading those already converted?

There are already a few great guides in the CrackBerry forums but most of those are geared towards Windows users. We will also cover Windows users in this guide, and those of you out there who use a Mac will find that this will be one of the easiest guides to follow to complete the task of converting your own Android .APK files to .BAR files, signing them and even installing them directly to your BlackBerry PlayBook for immediate use. Sound good? If so hit the break to get started.