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QBracelet wrist battery is stylish, gives you half a charge for $100



There's something to be said for convenience and fashion in one, though we might have to question just how convenient the battery-as-a-bracelet QBracelet really is. The band splits in the middle, with a hinge on one side and your choice of a microUSB plug or Apple Lightning connector on the other. Simply pop it off your wrist and plug into the charge port on your phone to juice up. But how much juice are you looking at? Not enough, especially not for the $99 asking price. It's not a smartwatch — it's just a battery, for your wrist.

Review: Ventev PowerCELL Backup Battery


One lucky member of the CrackBerry Nation will win one of these Ventev PowerCELL Backup Battery packs. Read on for details.

No matter how hard I try I really cannot make any device I own last a full and complete day any more. My BlackBerry Bold 9780 comes close but it's just not enough. I really don't like the idea of running out of juice when I need it most. For some folks carrying a spare battery is the ultimate option but given that I often have a few devices that I make use of, I was looking for something that would be compatible with them all.

I finally decided to give the Ventev PowerCELL a try as it includes several connectivity options, most of which are compatible with all the devices I own. After having used it for a while now, I'm glad to say I no longer fumble around with multiple batteries and chargers. I simply deal with one battery, for all devices and top each one up as I need to.