Calling All Developers: New Book From APress Will Get You Building Awesome Games for BlackBerry


Learn BlackBerry Games Development

The good folks at Apress just let us know about a new book they have released called Learn BlackBerry Games Development. Written by expert software game developers Andrew Davison and Carol Hamer, the book shows you how to leverage the BlackBerry Java Development Environment to design and create fun and awesome games for BlackBerry Smartphones.

As a certified BlackBerry Addict and Fearless Leader of CrackBerry Nation, on behalf of BlackBerry owners everywhere our message to all the developers out there is GO BUY THIS BOOK. We need to see more good games available for BlackBerry. Press release below and click here for more details.

Last thought... I'm not quite sure why they put raspberries on the book cover instead of blackberries... but it works. Kinda hungry just looking at it. :)