EasySmileys: Add some flourish to your texts, emails, and status updates

Easy Smileys

When it comes to expressing yourself via email, text, Facebook and Twitter, why not show everyone how you feel instead of using 140 characters to tell it. No matter what mood you're in, adding smileys or text embellishments is the perfect way to get your point across. With EasySmileys by LaurentCie you can insert characters without the trouble of typing on the keyboard or fumbling with the touchscreen.

EasySmileys is an easy to use application with over two hundred and fifty characters varying in topic such as animals, people, events, emotions, and anything else you can think of. These are definitely not your typical sad, frowning, and happy smileys. Sci-Fi fans can send representations of Princess Leia and Yoda while kids can giggle over Sponge Bob and Teletubbies. There are all sorts of smileys included for people of all ages to enjoy. I'm getting addicted to the bored, awkward or annoyed ones. Don't think that this list is set in stone. You can add your own or view updates by the developer on his Google Group site.

I fell in love with this app the minute I downloaded it. It's a fun to have on your device and takes up only 59kb of memory. So head on over to the CrackBerry app store now and start adding a little extra oomph to your status updates and messages. 


  • Create your own or manage your favorites in a separate list
  • Copy and paste directly into any BlackBerry and social networking application
  • English, French, Spanish, and Polish translations available
  • Assign to a side convenience key to easily open the application wherever you are
  • More than 250 smileys, art ascii, unicode, and text embellishments 

EasySmileys supports all BlackBerry devices and is available at the CrackBerry App store for $2.99. Keep reading for more images.

More information/purchase EasySmileys for BlackBerry

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The kind of music you listen to can help define who you are. Have you ever given a mix tape (am I dating myself?) of your favourite tunes to a potential love interest? What about putting together a playlist for your great road trip? I’m sure you have. Judge me if you will - when I was younger, I used to spend a lot of time figuring out my mixes; where to put each song, what cover I should use etc. It is a glimpse into your mind, allowing others to see the world as you see it. Now for some, listening to music is enough self expression. For others, they want to live in it; they want to make music.

These days, it isn’t enough to tote around your guitar or drum sticks. You’re going to need more ammo than that. While you tote your music filled BlackBerry with you, you might as well add some BlackBerry applications to the mix. Yes, there are applications out there to even help you live your dream. This collection may not guarantee that you’ll win a Grammy, or a Juno, but it should put you on the right path. 1…2…1,2,3,4!

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Alright, so you finally did it. You started your own blog - Congratulations. Let your voice be heard, let your words ring true. Let the world know of your great discoveries; a new, innovative invention, a moving musical composition or even the three month old slice of pizza lying beneath your couch (at least it looks like pizza). Whether it is informative, adventurous, NSFW or just plain witty, your blog is your own and you should love it and live it. Say it loud and say it proud. Just don’t use caps - that’s just annoying. 

Besides trying to get past writers block or even trying to decide what to actually call your blog, you should decide how to manage it. Do you honestly want to spend all of your time sitting at home or in a WiFi café sipping java, updating others about your sedentary life? Or, do you want to be out in the world, living and posting until you thumbs wear down to stubs? Good! Stubby thumbs it is then. To keep you happily blogging and posting, here is a collection of apps you can use to manage your blog. If you like them, maybe you can post something about them.