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Opportunity RIMPIRE... Time to Strike Back!

 iPhone 4S

On a day like today I'm sure everybody in Waterloo was holding their breath to see what Apple is going to announce. And for good reason. On more than one occasion Apple has changed RIM's game. The announcement of the original iPhone set a new expectation for what a mobile device can do and how it should do it, and the announcement of the iPad forced RIM into the tablet game. Whether you like it or not, what Apple announces matters.

But I think RIM can breathe a momentary sigh of relief following today's Apple iPhone 4S announcement. Apple announced an iPhone with better internals -- none of which leap ahead of what's already on the market -- and in Siri introduced some interesting software, but they did it in a phone that looks IDENTICAL to its predecessor, the iPhone 4. Following the live coverage of the event, even the Apple fanboys and fangirls seemed disappointed. Part of that was the lack of Steve Jobs' presence at the event, but the bigger part was that it felt like Apple failed to deliver something really mind-blowing. If the iPhone 5 is now another year away, it seems like the iPhone 4S isn't delivering the kind of newness that Apple fans were expecting. Looking at twitter and some of the polls out there, like this one on TiPb asking iPhone owners if they're going to upgrade, it's looking like a lot of people who were planning to upgrade on the 14th are now going to save their dollars a little longer.

What's it all mean for BlackBerry? I think it means opportunity.