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Why you should change the default email signature on your tablet (especially for business use)


For the love of god, change your tablet's signature! 

Yesterday morning I stirred the pot on twitter when I made the following tweet...

When I get an email from someone that says "Sent from my iPad" I immediately conclude that person places little value on their time. Agree? 

At face value and given my position as Fearless Leader of CrackBerry Nation, I'll admit the tweet comes off as harsh and fanboy-ish. Yes, I'm ripping at the iPad in it. However, my remark is actually true for all tablets, hence this follow up post to fully explain my rationale. Furthermore, my tweet was specifically geared towards people using their tablets for business, rather than personal use. I guess sometimes 140 characters just isn't enough to illustrate a point...

I picked on the iPad yesterday because I literally had just received a long email from somebody we do business with -- whose services we pay plenty of $$$ for -- who sent the message from their iPad. When I opened the email, the first thing that jumped out at me was that signature, Sent from my iPad. Before even reading the email but just looking at the length of it, the *first* thought that went through my mind was clearly this person isn't working hard enough for us if they have the time to tap this message out on a tablet. 

Feel free to call me a jerk for thinking that, but I couldn't help it. That's literally the first thought that went through my mind. And reflecting on it, that's the the first thought that always goes through my mind when I receive a long email sent from a tablet. Speaking to a few of my colleagues that I work with, they completely agreed with my sentiment. And throwing it out on twitter, well over 50% of the people who replied back agreed as well. As for the ones who didn't agree with me, it turns out they're mainly the ones who have yet to change their tablet's default email signature! But after this editorial, maybe they will.

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