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Twitter for BlackBerry Review

CrackBerry Idol - Manav

Review of RIM's Twitter for BlackBerry Application

*Please note: This review was conducted prior to yesterday's "official" release of version The judges have kept that in mind when providing feedback and you should too in terms of judging the reviewer.*

If you're on twitter you must have definitely needed to access it from the BlackBerry at some point, and most probably have been using some app for the same. The official Twitter for BlackBerry app got a lot of attention when it was announced and when they opened up the beta. Now that its finally out in the open , we can find out if it does live up to the expectations of a twitter addict.

Google Talk for BlackBerry Review

CrackBerry Idol - David S.

Review of Google Talk for BlackBerry Smartphones

With the popularity of Google Mail on BlackBerries, it comes as no surprise that Google would introduce an instant messaging service to the BlackBerry. Since instant messaging isn't anything new for BlackBerry, and the overly popular BlackBerry Messenger is prevalent among users, Google makes its own attempt with Google Talk. The application isn't really anything more than a simple instant messenger, but it has a very interesting Google-esque style. With all the available platforms on the market (Blackberry, Andriod, Apple, Win Mo, etc.), many applications have tried to bridge the messaging gap. Google Talk successfully allows users to chat to their Gmail friends across multiple platforms in a simple, but all too recognizable, style.

Facebook for BlackBerry Review

CrackBerry Idol - David L.

A Review of Facebook v1.7 for BlackBerry Smartphones

When you're sitting in front of your laptop or desktop, do you find that sometimes (and I mean most of the time) your attention migrates from your work to Facebook? If so, you're not alone, it happens to many of us. We all share one thing in common- we are addicted to Facebook. Don't worry though RIM has you covered; you can stay connected to Facebook wherever you go by using the Facebook v1.7.0.22 Application for Blackberry.

Evernote for BlackBerry Review

CrackBerry Idol - Yousif

Review of Evernote Application for BlackBerry Smartphones

With the growing desire to capture information and access it later in a simple manner, a problem yet to be solved has come up: organization. Organizing our digital lives can be a tough procedure, but thankfully many services are available out there to help us take control of our data. Evernote is one of them, which makes note-taking simple and intuitive. Evernote allows you to create text notes, take snapshots, record audio notes and upload files. Once synchronized with the Evernote server, you may access your notes wherever you are and whenever you need them. With a Web interface and applications available for the PC and Mac as well as BlackBerry, iPhone, Android, Windows Mobile and Palm webOS, Evernote has you always covered. But how well does the BlackBerry application perform? Read on to find out!

Poynt for BlackBerry Review


CrackBerry Idol - Brittany 

Review of Poynt for BlackBerry Smartphones

Poynt is definitely an essential when it comes to your BlackBerry. This app truly connects you to the world around you. You can use Poynt to find movies, restaurants, people, businesses and gas prices. Poynt uses your GPS location and puts the desired venues you are looking for in an easy to read list including the distance from your current location. As you select the certain venue it will pull up a menu that enables you to call the location directly or even map out the route. The many features of this app makes it one of the best utility apps offered by BlackBerry. If I haven't convinced you to download this app yet, keep reading!

Craigslist for BlackBerry review


CrackBerry Idol - Gregg 

Craigslist Mobile App for BlackBerry by Movela Review

Today I will be reviewing the Craigslist Mobile app by Movela. This application is the first version released by Movela and it's version is 1.0 . Most people in the United States have heard of the website Craigslist is a website where people can post ads for everything and anything you can think of. This site is NOT just for things for sale, but also for things lost or found, activitiy announcements, garage sale listings and even the ever so popular "Personals" section where people can post personal ads. What this application does is allow you to browse the craigslist website on your Blackberry with out having to load the site on your mobile browser. So whether you are looking to find a local garage sale while out and about or looking for a "casual encounter" while out of town on business, Craigslist Mobile had you covered!

eBay for BlackBerry review

CrackBerry Idol - Zander

Use eBay from anywhere with eBay for BlackBerry

[ Please note: This review was completed before the upgrades to the eBay app that showed up yesterday. The judges have kept that in mind while reading the review and you should too from the perspective of Zander as a CrackBerry Idol contestant. ]

Are you an eBay power buyer? Have you ever been frustrated because you've missed an item you've been bidding on for weeks but you were nowhere near a computer for the final countdown? With RIM's eBay add-on app, making purchases on eBay are conveniently in your pocket and at your fingertips with the use of any modern BlackBerry (such as the 8520, 8230, 8350 and 8530 models and up). In this review, I'm going to put this app to the test and talk about its pros and cons. Interested? Keep on reading to see if eBay for BlackBerry is right for you!

ScoreMobile for BlackBerry Review


CrackBerry Idol - ToddLike Sports? Then read this review of ScoreMobile!

Hi There Crackberry Nation! Thanks for reading my first ever Crackberry app review. I am reviewing ScoreMobile for Blackberry. We all know that one of the best things about owning a Blackberry is having information at your fingertips. As a sports fan, this is especially true. ScoreMobile for Blackberry may not be perfect, but it is one of the best sports applications available.

alphaRunner for BlackBerry Review


CrackBerry Idol - Josh

Use your BlackBerry to track your runs! alphaRunner Review

For avid runners and beginners alike alphaRunner by Eppisoft could be the app for you. When running on a treadmill you have the advantage of a computer tracking your distance and calories burned. Where the treadmill falls short is on scenery and enjoyment of the outdoors. alphaRunner tracks your run using GPS and displays the data in real-time. It records the time, speed, distance and calories burned during your workout.

Dragon for Email for BlackBerry Review


CrackBerry idol - AliciaDragon for Email for BlackBerry Smartphones

Have you ever found yourself trying to compose an e-mail but fumble so much with the keyboard that the text looks more like an alien language than actual words? Well, welcome to my world. Whether it be sending out messages for work or writing e-mails to friends I have no patience to type everything out. It just seems too SLOW. Well thanks to a friend from the train and my favorite blackberry blog site I downloaded a free dictation app called Dragon for E-mail. Finally, a hassle-free way of writing e-mail messages by simply speaking and having the app process and translate the audio into text.

Nuance's Dragon for E-Mail is as simple as the motto on their page: Press, Speak, Send. The app is embedded directly into each e-mail so no additional steps or clicks are necessary. How cool is that? With all the time spent reading crackberry, visiting facebook, listening to slacker and, of course, something called a job, anything that frees up time is hands down a winner in my book.