Animoog award-winning synthesizer app now available for the BlackBerry Z10


During CrackBerry Live, we got hands-on look at the awesome high-quality synthesizer app Animoog. At the time, we were told it would be showing up in BlackBerry World in a few weeks but it has now arrived for the BlackBerry Z10 and is available for purchase. Previously only available on iOS and geared towards professional and avid amateur musicians alike, the app is full of features and is beautifully designed. 

“This project is the beginning of a collaboration with BlackBerry’s innovative user experience team and an exploration of new means for creative expression with handheld devices. It is always our intention to create better tools for artists and this relationship allows us to investigate exciting future possibilities,” said Emmy Parker, Moog’s Senior Brand Manager.

Until May 23rd, as part of the celebrations for what would be Bob Moog's 79th birthday, Animoog is available for $0.99 after which it will return to the normal price of $9.99. A deal you'll certainly want to take advantage of if you're interested in the app. Need to see it in action? Check out the demo video above to get a better idea of what you're getting into or check out the CrackBerry Live hands-on demo from earlier.

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