amAze GPS

Review: amAze GPS for BlackBerry Smartphones


Getting lost – some call it an adventure, others call it an annoyance. There’s even some who call it something that, due to the presence of younger readers, I’m not allowed to repeat. Whatever the case may be, you eventually (and obviously) want to reach your destination, right? I can think of quite a few times where I’ve been ill-prepared before I venture out to a friend’s new place, an appointment or a social gathering and end up lost. Now there’s no need to slap my wrists folks. That was a long, long time ago, before I has a GPS enabled BlackBerry. Who am I kidding, I still forget from time to time!

I’m always on the lookout for GPS applications that I haven’t tried yet; I’m not completely attached or committed to one currently. If you’re also looking for something new, or are new to GPS yourself, check out the amAze GPS application. With amAze GPS, you’ll have more than just simple navigation; you have access to weather, local searches, multiple map views, just to name a few. amAze offers both free and subscription services, so you can decide what level you want to be at. Let’s see amAze GPS in action, shall we?