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Review: Activity Log for BlackBerry

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Hey! What have you been doing all day?! Have you been on your BlackBerry this whole time?! Let me guess; Brick Breaker! We’ve all been there, at least once. I know I have many, many times. The truth is that when I’m at work, I work. Some may look like they are blankly staring at their monitors, but their minds are in overdrive as a whirlwind of thought processes furiously search for resolutions. Okay...some of them may be reading the blogs at, but that’s beside the point. There comes a time when your boss, or even yourself, would like to know where your precious time is being spent. As you begin to keep a real-time record of your day to day, you can’t help but think if this activity is actually wasting more of your time.

Activity Log provides a way to record your activities while greatly reducing the time it takes to mark them down. In most cases, all you have to do is select one of the preloaded activities or add some of your own! Now you can truly tell how addicted to your BlackBerry you are.