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The BlackBerry "Action Starts Here" campaign rolls out in China



The BlackBerry "Action Starts Here" campaign was launched in India a few months ago now, but today sees it rolling out in China - which aims to encourage young people in China to take prompt action.

The 'Action Starts Here' campaign seems to have been a big hit in Thailand



You may remember that back in August, BlackBerry launched the new brand campaign around the concept of "Action Starts Here". For the past 3 months, BlackBerry has been inviting locals in Asia to join the revolutionary digital campaign by taking action, realizing their dreams and making their world a better place. Consumers were challenged to set a goal, make and complete the pledge via BlackBerry Thailand Facebook page. The activity was held from 21 August - 15 October 2012.

To date, the activity on BlackBerry Thailand Facebook page has ended successfully with more than 1,000 pledges and 7,500 votes. The three winners who earned the most votes were Tonkla-Tonnum, White We Love the King and Anong Sukon. While, the top 5 topics that participants pledged about are in the areas of Love, Friendship, Travel, Career and Fitness. As a result of this competition, the winners won BlackBerry smartphones, PlayBooks and other prizes. 

Another BlackBerry Tag commercial appears online


Call it Spark or Splat (or whatever you want), this BlackBerry symbol means Action!


BlackBerry Action! 

We set out earlier this week on a CrackBerry quest to give a more fitting name to BlackBerry's asterisk-on-circle notification icon than "splat", which is the nickname it has been referred to in the past internally by Research In Motion employees.

Hundreds of suggestions later, we narrowed it down to the best five and then we put it to a vote by CrackBerry Nation. The winner? Drum roll please.... the icon formerly known as the Splat is now known as the Spark! Congrats go to CrackBerry member black.rhino for suggesting this one. The voting was pretty split between the finalists, but Spark took the leading winning by a margin over double the next runner up. We'll be hooking up black.rhino up, as well as the other finalists, with some spending cash at for their creativity. Nicely done!

Should the name of this BlackBerry action symbol be Nova, Noti, Burst, Spark or Splash? Vote Now!

BlackBerry Nova, Noti, Burst, Spark or Splash?!

Yesterday we asked the CrackBerry Nation to submit names for what the symbol above should be called. More than ever, BlackBerry has put this symbol front and center recently, featuring it in BlackBerry India's Action Starts Here marketing campaigns. All powerful symbols should have names, and us BlackBerry users know just how powerful this symbol is. When you see it, you click (or tap) it! Previously, we've heard BlackBerry employees refer to this symbol as the "splat", but from what we've gathered that was more of an internal and unofficial name for it. It needs a better name. And this time it's the BlackBerry user community that will pick it!

We got a huge response from the community on this one, and the team spent hours going through the suggestions picking out the best ones and narrowing it down to a top five for the community to vote on. There were a lot of clever suggestions in the mix. In the end we decided the chosen name ultimately had to be short, memorable and fitting with the take action spirt of the symbol. 

BlackBerry India advertising campaign calls for action in a very good way!

Action Begins Here!

Looks like RIM India is kicking off a pretty heavy advertising campaign, having taken out a full two-pages in the Times of India newspaper. We know relations with the Indian government haven't been the best for the past few years but looking at the advertising happening here it's pretty clear RIM wants to own the market. RIM hasn't, shall we say, always been the best at marketing but these ads call for not only action but attention -  I like them. Jump below to see the second page and let us know what you think about the ads in the comments or in the forums.

Thanks, to everyone who sent this in!