Accessibility options

Quick Tip: Change the look of your BlackBerry using accessibility options

BlackBerry Accessibility OptionsBlackBerry Accessibility Options

There are loads and loads of options buried in the BlackBerry OS, some of which we never even touch (or have any idea what they do). One of the most common overlooked is the accessibility options (Option > Advanced Options > Accessibility). This set of options helps people with disabilities better use there BlackBerry by helping with vision or hearing. From here, you have the option to change your Grid Layout, Color Contrast and Event Sounds. The Grid Layout option lets you tweak your homescreen settings so you can view icons in the default view (6x3 with the default theme) 1x1, 2x2, 3x3 or 4x4. Pretty cool if you like bigger icons or just want to change things up (check out some screens after the jump). You can also turn on Event Sounds which will alert you on full/low batttery and also when a USB cable is connected/disconnected. Last and possibly coolest is the Color Contrast. From here you can change to Reverse Contrast or Greyscale. These two you really have to see for yourself so play around and see how you like it. The only drawback is EVERYTHING takes on new colors, including all of your photos, but it's still good for a laugh. Hit the jump for some more images. Thanks Victoria!