Just in case you weren’t excited about the upcoming BlackBerry Developers Conference before, some information being tossed around today may change your outlook on the situation. According to the folks over at the Wall Street Journal and the Financial Post, RIM is seemingly poised to launch some new hardware and services at this year’s event. Of course, for all you CrackBerry readers this may not exactly be new news or come as a surprise at all. In reality, we've been talking about a new OS developed by QNX and the BlackBerry Tablet for months now. Go back as far as WES 2010 and even more recently, the last CrackBerry podcast and you'll hear us speak of QNX, the OS they are developing and what exactly, it would be released on and what RIM has planned for it as a long term solution.

The news today was that, Research In Motion would be announcing (or at least showing off) the BlackBerry Tablet at the BlackBerry Developers Conference. Which would indeed be running the new OS as developed by QNX software. In addition to that, it was also noted that the OS would eventually carry over to newer, upcoming devices such as the BlackBerry Storm 3. While we have heard before that it was Research In Motions intentions to demo the device we've since heard that idea got put on the back burner but, it's anyone’s guess now. Finally, the last piece of information to come out today was the Research In Motion is also planning to announce a new advertising service using Mobclix. Rumours have been abounding for a while about the RIM and Mobclix connection but nothing solid has ever come from those rumours.

All this information is great to see as we draw closer to the opening of the BlackBerry Developers Conference but, one thing to remember is that until announced they are just rumours. It's rather easy to take every rumour from the past 6-8 months that has never fully come to light yet and say yes, that's what Research In Motion is going to announce. But, the fact is it's all speculation until those press releases start to roll out. We'd be remiss though if we didn't say that the excitement of seeing what we've been talking about for months now turn to reality is high.

Sources: WSJ, FP

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