BlackBerry PlayBook

An anonymous tipster sent in the photo above to, which displays some information regarding upcoming tablet pricing and availability. The document is said to come from a "Major US Retailer" and does show some information regarding the BlackBerry PlayBook.

Specifically, it puts the pricing for RIM's first tablet at $499, $599, and $699, respectively, based on "hard drive", which seems like a novice way of saying 16GB, 32GB and 64GB configurations for the WiFi-only versions of the device. And while that pricing information seems pretty legit, we have less no faith in the March 27th launch date that the document points to. It's very likely the information in this document is now old (RIM was originally aiming for a March 27th launch but it has now been pushed back a couple weeks to mid April) or maybe was just never all that right to begin with (though I wish it was true and I could have my PlayBook this month!). So take this one for what it's worth... we're just doing our jobs and passing along the info. :)