It's been a while since Amazon have had a 'free app of the day' that I've felt compelled to share with you. That changed today when I saw that they were featuring Table Top Racing. It's not a game that I've played before, but I'm a sucker for this style, so I grabbed my BlackBerry Z30 and downloaded it with haste.

And what a beauty it is. The first thing that really stood out was the rich colors, which look amazing. Of course that means nothing unless the game play is as good as it sure is. With the vehicle auto-accelerating you really just need to focus on the left and right controls either side of the display.

As you will see below, Table Top Racing is bursting with various options and I'm fairly sure that if you download this one to your BlackBerry it'll give you hours and hours of enjoyment. It's going to be staying on my device, that's for sure.

Game Features:

  • 17 Mad-cap cars to master

  • 8 Incredible race tracks (reversible)

  • 4 Fierce championships

  • 30+ Special Events

  • 7 Unique Game Play Modes

  • 9 Cunning Power-Ups

  • Game Modes: Combat Races, Drift mode, Elimination, Hot Lap, Pure Race, Pursuit and Time Trial

It may be an Android game and not native BlackBerry 10, but it's oozing with fun. Enjoy.

As always, sometimes the featured app differs depending on region. If you're seeing something other than Table Top Racing please let us know in the comments?

How to download Table Top racing using the Amazon Appstore