T-Mobile UK Tweet - Unlimited data bundles

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Over a year ago we saw networks get rid of their unlimited data bundle. It was just a well anyway since their 'unlimited' offer came with a fair usage policy. Then, in December 2010 we also saw Three UK introduce their All-you-can-eat data bundle with their The One Plan. It offered customers unlimited data with no fair usage policy so one could download, stream all the wanted without having to think about going over their data bundle. Today, T-Mobile UK follows suit and has announced The Full Monty tariff. The plan offers unlimited data with no fair usage policy but it doesn't stop there, it also gives customers unlimited calls and texts. This first plan of its kind in the UK.

The Full Monty plans start at £36 a month, with another three tariffs going up - £41, £46 and £61. All are 24 month contracts. The £36 a month tariff however, is the only one not to offer unlimited calls. You get 2000 minutes, which for many maybe more than enough anyway.

The Full Monty Plan will be available from February 1 to new customers. No details have been given as to whether existing customers can move on the plan. For more details check out the T-Mobile UK website.

For more information on T-Mobile UK's The Full Month Plan

Source: TMobile News 

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