T-Mobile UK offering a family plan on the BlackBerry Curve 9320

I was walking around town the other day and saw a great deal as I passed a T-Mobile store. Get two BlackBerry devices on a family plan. Of course, it piqued my interested so I had to go in and inquire about it.

The family deal is based on getting two BlackBerry Curve 9320 devices. Right now T-Mobile UK offers the Curve 9320 free on the £15.50 per month tariff where you get 100 mins, 500 texts, 250MB data, plus an Unlimited Booster. When you purchase two Curve 9320 devices you get the second one at a £5 discount so it becomes £10.50 per month for the same plan and you end up paying £26 a month for the two devices.

It certainly is great looking deal, especially if you're looking to get your first BlackBerry device (or two) or even for the teens on your family. The offer is not available online and may also only be available in some T-Mobile UK stores. So please inquire in-store about the plan.