T-Mobile is getting ready to make some more announcements on June 25, as the company teases Un-Carrier Amped in a new video. The next series of announcements to come from T-Mobile will carry the Un-Carrier Amped branding. With this, the company will be beefing up some of its already popular Un-carrier moves, making them even bigger. The first announcement will be on Thursday, June 25, with several others following in the weeks to come.

We keep listening to customers and battling to change wireless for the better. While the carriers are still trying to figure out how to respond to our Un-carrier moves, we're going to amp them up.

Earlier today, BlackBerry CEO John Chen teased a BlackBerry Passport promotion with T-Mobile but offered very little by way of full details.

The other big news of the quarter was a renewal of our relationship with T-Mobile USA. The level of support we get from them is very very good. They have now launched our Classic in 400 stores. We plan to launch an exclusive Passport promotion with them on both of our e-commerce site, details to be worked out, in the U.S. and so please stay tuned for that to come.

Will we hear more about it at this event? Maybe. We'll just have to wait and see. Be sure to stay tuned for what T-Mobile has coming up next as part of its Un-Carrier Amped announcements.

Source: T-Mobile

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