T-Mobile BlackBerry 8700 Gets OS 4.5

One of the questions I get asked on a fairly regular basis is What BlackBerry do you use? I rotate up devices fairly often and for the most part like to stay cutting edge, but ask me the question today and my answer is the T-Mobile BlackBerry 8700! T-Mobile just officially released OS4.5 for the 8700, so how could I not get my 8700 on?

Seriously, while trackballs and touchscreens and optical trackpads are all fine and dandy, trackwheels are still where it's at! I love this device. The battery lasts forever, it's built like a brick and it just feels good in the hand. Whenever I pick up my 8700 I can't help but think of that scene in Crocodile Dundee...  That's Not a Knife. THIS is a knife! If smartphones could fight, I'm pretty sure the 8700 could kick the $#!t out of the rest of them. If you have a T-Mobile 8700, do yourself a favor and go upgrade now at tmobile.com/bbupgrade.

Can I get a boooyaaah! from all the BlackBerry 8700 owners past and present out there?