T-Mobile Learning Curves

** Updated ** Friday, September 28th:
The Verdict is in: T-Mobile is DEFINITELY having problems with the UMA service on the newly released BlackBerry Curve 8320. Read the Comments to this post to see what T-Mobile Curve owners are saying.

A CrackBerry.com member just sent this in, and I figured it worthy of a post. As predicted by David Boyd in his Out of the Box Review of the new BlackBerry 8320, it looks like it's going to take some time for T-Mobile to get up to speed with the capabilities of this new device:

I purchased a BB 8320 from TMO Saturday. After UMA service worked for 3 days, yesterday a friend and I both only had lowercase uma on the device all day.  After calling TMO, then RIM, then TMO again, I was told that TMO has a UMA system issue for the entire state of California, and the expected date for full service restoration is October 22, almost a full month away.  Level 2 support says that this only affects the Curve, no other TMO UMA devices.

I can't find any other reference to this online, but I think it's ridiculous that TMO is advertising this device as having UMA support on their 'exclusive' Hotspot @ Home service and  now it's broken for one of the largest states.

Figured I'd pass it along.

Is anyone else experiencing similar difficulties with their new T-Mobile Curve?