T-Mobile Giving Away Free BlackBerry Smartphones To Developers?

Ronen at Berryreview spotted this little tidbit for all BlackBerry fans. I decided to dig a little deeper  and actually call T-Mobile to find out the "real deal". Seems the the title is a little misleading-- in a good way for once. The code given on the T-Mobile site is actually a 9 month old, non advertised code which allows pretty much anyone who activates a new 2 yr contract with T-Mobile to get a free BlackBerry.

In addition to the offer on the site which shows rebates are required, Ben (the T-Mobile rep, Great guy) stated that rebates are longer required at this time for it any more. So, with that said if you are looking for a new T-Mobile BlackBerry and funds may be a little low, give em a call and see what you can make happen. Developer or not.