T-Mobile Coming to Canada?

I wasn't expecting to read this when I got out of bed this morning... BoyGenius has dropped word (and drawn up the nice logo above that I borrowed for this post) that Duetsche Telekom will bring T-Mobile to Canada in 2009. The info came to the BG via tipster, so it is unconfirmed. From BG:

  • Deutsche Telekom has been pre-approved for a financing and protocol agreement which will allow them to introduce T-Mobile to the Canadian market (subject to restrictions in all provinces except Ontario during a 6, 12 and 18 month trial period that expires in 2010), and also pre-approves them for testing roaming, cell tower reception and international data agreements.
  • The person heading up the Canadian division of Deutsche Telekom will be Canadian, in compliance with the Canadian Business Ethics law
  • Deutsche Telekom already owns the name T-Mobile in Canada under a US Parent Office international exchange program.
  • They plan to launch T-Mobile in Canada in 2009.
  • Currently, as we all know, Rogers is the only GSM game in town. With T-Mobile’s entrance into the Canadian market, data rates are going to plummet quickly. DT also plans to introduce an unlimited BlackBerry plan to the Canadaian market to be priced at $75/month. Basically telling Rogers to go screw themselves.
  • T-Mobz Canada is set to offer many of the devices we’re used to seeing here in the U.S. like the Sidekick line and T-Mobile’s HTC products. I guess that’s bye bye Fido Sidekicks?

From a consumer standpoint and as a Rogers customer in Canada I wouldn't mind seeing more GSM carrier competition come to town, especially if it means data rates will drop. I guess we'll have to stay tuned on this one...

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