T-Mobile BlackBerry Curve 8900 now on T-Mobile.com

In the past two weeks we have now seen a leaked release date (February 18th), a revised leaked release date (February 11th), an official announcement and rumored pricing (looks like it jives). What's the next step leading up to the T-Mobile launch of a new BlackBerry device? Ya gotta put it up on the web as Coming Soon! And I DO hope the BlackBerry Curve 8900 comes to T-Mobile soon! Having rock'd the device for nearly four months to the day, I can tell you straight up this device Kicks a$$.

While you're waiting to get your hands on one, you can now jump on over to T-Mobile.com to catch a glimpse of the Curve 8900 in all it's glory. Though if you're really jonesing for this baby, why not kill the time with some value added content. Maybe take a look at the Curve 8900's user manual or one of our CrackBerry.com Curve 8900 reviews. Big thanks to everyone who sent this in!

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