Alright T-Mobile fans, a lot of you have already gone and picked up the BlackBerry Q10, but for those that haven't, here's a peek at what you get. The two notable things about the unboxing here is that there aren't any headphones included, and you've got branding on the front face. The T-Mobile Q10 we saw at BlackBerry Live was still a pre-launch model, complete with engraved serial numbers, so it's not a huge surprise that a logo eventually found its way on there. It does make me thankful for the clean models that were launched in Canada, though. 

Inside the box you've got the usual fistful of documentation, a microUSB cable, and a charger. There's nothing too fancy here, but the box is very tastefully laid out. If you're hankering for some headphones, you should check out the premium BlackBerry headphones. I've been really happy with my pair. There are a ton of other accessories worth looking into if you've picked up a Q10 and need to kit it out. 

T-Mobile customers, how many of you have already picked up the BlackBerry Q10? How are you digging the LTE network? Is the coverage and speed up to snuff? 

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