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T-Mobile 9700

Attention all T-Mobile users! The time has finally come... The first T-Mobile 3G BlackBerry is now available for purchase at T-Mobile.com. But wait... is it the 8900, or the 9700. Seems as if T-Mobile dropped the ball and used the wrong photo on the website. Big oops T-Mobile!

Pricing for the new BlackBerry Bold is very reasonable at $199.99 on the new Even More plan, or at $449.99 on the Even More Plus plan. For those wondering why the difference in pricing, here is the reason:

Two types of plans, two ways to save.

Even More Plans come with a 2 Year Contract and feature great phone discounts, so your upfront costs are lower.

Even More Plus Plans have no annual contract and currently provide our best monthly rate plan pricing. So you pay for your phone upfront, but the lower monthly plan costs save you money over time.

So there you have it, hurry up and go place your order. Drop us a note and let us know how the ordering goes. Hopefully T-Mobile won't have any problems fulfilling the orders. I have a feeling this will be a very hot selling device for T-Mobile.

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