T-Mobile Curve 8900

The T-Mobile 8900 saga continues as the day of February 11th may seem miles away for those who have waited this long for the device to show up. Now we have heard on many occasions that business customers are going to get an early launch of this device on January 19th. But what we have not heard is any sort of indication on pricing for said business customers, untill now that is.

  • Corporate Customers: $499.99 MSRP
  • 2 YR Agreement: $300 instant rebate, $199.99
  • 1 YR Agreement: $250 instant rebate, $249.99

The above is the reported pricing business customers can expect to see if the launch of Jaunary 19th holds true and we have no reason to believe it won't be happening. Now if we could just get confirmation on the "consumer" pricing we'd be all set, but typically that is the same as business account pricing minus the 1 year agreement option. Question remains. How many T-Mobile business subscribers do we have out there that are surely grabbing this great device?

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