What's this? A T-Mobile 8520 unboxing video you say? Why yes, it is. Seems the good folks at WalMart have been letting a few of these go out the door prior to the official launch date of August 5th. If you are looking to grab one of these for the $48.88 WalMart is charging new customers, you better hop to it, just in case head office puts a stop to it.

The new customer pricing is great on this one, although the poster of the video states off contract is $349.99, which is indeed a little more hefty for such a device. Now, who out there got one? Does your local WalMart have em? What about this "Out of The Box" Mac compatability - did you get a Mac desktop manager? So many questions! Let us know in the comments and in the forums what the deal is here folks ;)

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