T-Mobile 8120 To Finally Get 4.5 OS!

Wow! With all the hoopla going on with Bold and Storm and Javelin Curve 8900 leaks and official OS releases I guess it's easy to forget at times that there are still some devices out there that have yet to be upgraded to even 4.5.

Such is the case with the T-Mobile 8120, as Boy Genius Report has posted information about the upcoming launch of 4.5 for the 8120 said to be released on Friday. What on earth took T-Mobile so long to even approve this OS for launch? It's been available for other carriers for ages now. I guess all there is to say is if you have been waiting ever so patiently for an official release, the wait will soon be over.

Of course, come the rollout of BES 5.0 in the months ahead we're also going to see a wide sweeping update to these devices so that everything (old devices and new devices) move into the realm of OS 5.0. What a day that'll be... it'll be so much easier to keep track of the OS numbers game.

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