BlackBerry Handset Launch Updates for AT&T

This story may have just went from bad to worse. On an AT&T document dated yesterday, September 17th, the expected launch dates for several AT&T smartphones are shown. Honing in on the BlackBerry category, we find these expected dates:

  • BlackBerry 8320 BLUE - October 21, 2008
  • BlackBerry Pearl Oyster Pink - October 2, 2008
  • BlackBerry Bold - ETA November
  • BlackBerry Curve Burnt Orange - Deferred to 2009 

These look like dealer availability dates as the note at the bottom indicates the equipment should actually arrive to retail locations "2" days later.

Now for the games... This document was posted by smartphone scoopster, the Boy Genius, who has been calling for an October 2nd launch date of the BlackBerry Bold on AT&T. Despite the fact this document is dated September 17th, he says "this sheet lists the BlackBerry Bold with a November ETA. We're not so sure what's going on, but we're sticking very firm to our October 2nd launch date on AT&T."

I sure hope the Bold does hit AT&T on October 2nd. If it's delayed until November I think we'll have a mutiny on our hands!