AT&THave an AT&T/Cingular BlackBerry? Get ready for a change. Come October, AT&T will begin changing their addresses to I'd say it's a welcomed change! If this applies to you, your existing address will forward to your new address through March, 2008. [ via BG ]

But if you're a REAL CrackBerry addict, you shouldn't be giving this address out to people anyway.  You should be using your e-mail forwarder! It's free for registered members of

Here's how I do it:
1. Point my address to redirect to my GMail account
2. Set-Up my Gmail account to send a copy of all messages received to my BlackBerry (which is an address)
3. Add my to my Gmail so I have the option to send from my address from within Gmail.
4. Set my BIS settings to put the "Reply to" Address for sending messages from my BlackBerry to my account

Following this method, to the rest of the world it appears I have a hosted account, but in reality I'm using Gmail as my client (and who doesn't love gmail?!). This system has worked flawlessly for me since months before we actually launched (7 months and counting!). Click Here for a Tutorial on Creating & Modifying your email Address.