BlackBerry Bold Rebate

* Update: ARGGGG...  Confusion.  So it looks like the $349.99/$299.99 pricing is ALREADY AFTER this $100 rebate is taken into affect. My bad. My bad. Don't get too excited. With Rogers lowering the cost to $199 I was just REALLY wanting to believe AT&T customers would be getting the same treatment out of the starting gates. With this form showing just the rebates and not the standard pricing, I thought this was on top of the pricing we have been seeing. D'oh! *

November 4th is going to be historic for a couple of reasons... the one most important to CrackBerry Nation of course being that the BlackBerry Bold will finally and officially be available from AT&T! And looking at this AT&T Premier rebate form that just came our way, it looks like the BlackBerry Bold will be $100 cheaper than the contract pricing we have seen to date of:

  • $349.99 for plans under $65
  • $299.99 for plans over $65
You can click here to view the full rebate form .pdf and get all the details. How do you feel about the BlackBerry Bold's pricing now?? If you're buying a Bold tomorrow, give be sure to give a shoutout in the comments!!