BlackBerry Torch 9800

It's a big day today for AT&T BlackBerry fans - the Torch 9800 is now available for purchase! As with any new highly anticipated BlackBerry, it's been getting a lot of coverage here on the blogs and in the forums the community is getting revved up too. I always love the release of a new device as the forums just explode with activity, as new owners unbox their precious and start providing their feedback. And with a new form factor that combines touchscreen and full qwerty keyboard and the debut of BlackBerry 6, I'm sure we'll see a LOT of first impressions and user reviews pop-up.

So if you're picking up a new Torch today, let us know in the comments and be sure to drop by the BlackBerry Torch forum and share your photos and in-depth thoughts. And don't forget we have a dedicated BlackBerry 6 forum too. Below are a couple threads to get you started!