No Emails For You!

Well, it's been a while (thankfully!) since we have had to make a post like this. I guess it was due time. Yesterday a lot of BlackBerry and AT&T users woke to find their devices had stopped delivering emails at around 9:45am. While this started out to just be an AT&T issue in the general Texas area, it quickly converted itself to an AT&T and RIM issue post haste. Not only did AT&T issue its own trouble tickets regarding issues customers may have been having with their data devices as a whole (BlackBerry, Laptop Aircards etc.), claiming a cut cable as the cause (this reason pops up more than I can almost believe to be true?!!), but later on in the day RIM also confirmed an issue with their services and stated that any users who were utilizing BIS accounts (see: integrated POP and IMAP accounts) were not able to send nor receive emails from their devices.

As of around 9pm AST time things had cleared up for both AT&T and RIM but yet no definitive answer was given as to what exactly caused the issues in the first place. Word around the campfire was that RIM decided to do some server upgrades at that point in time, which seems just a little bit off to me considering it was not reported at in any sort of way and things like that are always well know ahead of time! But yet the initial trouble ticket was indeed relayed. In any event, seems like smooth sailing today. Browsing through the forums, it also seems AT&T customers were not the only ones experiencing issues. Anyone experience the hassle yesterday? What carrier were you on? What were you told? What did you do with no emails coming in? Let us know in the comments!