There are various ways to import music onto your BlackBerry device. In the past I've copied from CD's I've owned onto my SD Card or from music I purchased on my computer including iTunes. While not everyone uses the latter method that doesn't mean there aren't those out there looking for an easy and seamless way to copy their music library via Wi-Fi or by USB cable there is Sync My iTunes.

Sync My iTunes is composed of two elements: the BlackBerry application and the desktop application. The server software is compatible with Windows machines only and is free to install on their page. The application runs in the background and will appear on startup for you to setup with your device. The process is relatively simple but be aware that the program does not always play nice with Anti-Virus programs and firewalls at least on my computer. iTunes and QuickTime are required for it to run as well.

Once installed it is easy for you to select the media you wish to sync with your device. You can choose to sync all of your playlists or specific ones to your device and I didn't have an issue with duplicates with the existing tunes. However, I did create specific playlists with only the music I wanted to transfer. It offers Wi-Fi and USB connection options, though the wired option is the faster, and media can be transferred to your device memory or SD card.


  • Auto Sync of iTunes songs, Playlists, Videos and Podcasts. Just connect your device and your media will be automatically synched with the BlackBerry 10 device. There is no need to even click a button.
  • Now supports SD card also ! You can sync music to either SD card or to the Phone memory as per the requirements.
  • Sync Wirelessly using Wi-Fi ! No wires at all.
  • Wired connection is also supported.
  • Sync any Playlist which is present on iTunes. All playlists on your iTunes will be created in BlackBerry® 10 Phone also !
  • Sync selected songs from Playlist or the entire Playlist.
  • Sync internal playlists of iTunes like "My Top Rated","Recently Added","Recently Played","Top 25 most Played"!
  • Sync Entire Music collection at Once.Now it supports Podcasts also.
  • Sync Selected songs from the Music selection.
  • You can even Play the selected songs before the sync to ensure that what you are selecting is correct.
  • Resume Syncing from the last left song.
  • Auto Categorization of Music in the respective directories of BlackBerry® 10 Phone.
  • Inbuilt mechanism to skip the file which is already Synched before and is present on BlackBerry® 10 Phone.
  • Inbuilt volume control.
  • Improved mechanism for faster transfer rates.
  • Enhanced user interface. e.g. The animated progress bar.

Now for those of you who would like to download this application for free, rather than the regular price of $2.99, the developer is giving away 1500 copies!

  • Launch BlackBerry World
  • Swipe down from the top and tap Redeem
  • Enter promo code: FREESYNCMYITUNES1000
  • Tap on the green FREE button to download

For those who continue to use iTunes as their source of music or to organize their music library this is a fast way to transfer without copying and pasting the files to your device. Syncing is fast, convenient, and the application is available for the BlackBerry PlayBook, legacy BlackBerry devices, and BlackBerry 10. Though you will need to install the corresponding server software for each one.

More information/Purchase Sync My iTunes for BlackBerry 10

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