SwooshAlarm SwooshAlarm

New app SwooshAlarm will easily replace all of your timer, alarm and world clock apps. With SwooshAlarm, you can create unlimited alarms that are totally customizable. Daily alarms can be set day-by-day (not just weekdays or weekends) and timers can repeat a certain number of times or until a specified time. You can create as many world clocks as you'd like to show within the app as well. The coolest feature (in beta) of SwooshAlarm are the "location alarms". These alarms alert you when entering or leaving a certain area. This is great if you need to remember something when you leave the house, or have a task to do as soon as you arrive at the office. You can set a location alarm and be reminded as soon as you leave or arrive at a new location. We all know the native clock app isn't the greatest for setting multiple alarms, so if your needs are greater, check out SwooshAlarm -- available in the CrackBerry App Store for $4.99.

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