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As many of you already know we recently found out that HP has halted webOS, a decision that has probably left a lot of webOS fans out in the wild wondering what their next move was going to be. While this decision from HP does not render your current device useless, it does open eyes to realize it is probably a good time to decide what your next steps may be, and transitioning to a BlackBerry device is a great choice for you webOS users. While some may chose to switch to Android, iOS, or even Windows Phone, let's take a deeper look into how easy of a switch it would be for you to grab a new BlackBerry device and move from one platform to another without any loss in productivity.

Picking the right hardware

BlackBerry Devices

Many webOS users love their device, they either love the sliding form factor that the Palm Pre brought to the table, or the candy bar style that the Pixi had, and guess what, both form factors are available from BlackBerry devices. The new BlackBerry 7 devices are the most current in the line up, all of them only a week or two old, so you aren't transitioning into old hardware, and all of them running the best OS we have seen to date on BlackBerry devices.  Check out our reviews of the new devices below, and figure out which of the models makes the most sense for your life.

As you can see, the BlackBerry Torch 9810 is great for users who want a device with a slide out keyboard, while the Bold 9900 has a glorious keyboard right there for easy access at all times, and the Torch 9860 gives you a large screen with no physical keyboard, allowing you to try something a bit different. 

Moving your information from your webOS device to your new BlackBerry

Desktop Manager

Sure, the BlackBerry Desktop Manager may not be the greatest thing ever, it does require you to use your computer to move information back and forth between devices and such, but it is great for aiding in the migration of data from one device to another. The BlackBerry Desktop Manager will allow you to first plug in your webOS device, and then select that you want to pull the data, such as contacts, calendar events, etc from the device, and then you connect your new BlackBerry device and it will push the data to that.

Another way to easily transfer information is via Google Sync. Many of us use Google services now-a-days, and if you currently have your information stored through your Google Account the set up is even simpler. Simply point your BlackBerry browser to m.google.com/sync, download the application and input your username and password. From here you can chose to sync your contacts and calendars, either one or both. After saving your settings it will ask if you wish to sync, clicking yes will pull your contacts and calendar right to the device, and anytime you make a change, either via web or on the device it will sync across all views.

Finding those applications you used to use everyday

Blackberry AppWorld

We all know one of the greatest parts about any platform are the applications, and once you get comfortable using an application you kind of grow attached. Luckily a lot of BlackBerry developers are dedicated to what they do, they love the platform and understand the inner workings, so there are tons of great applications out there, you just need to find the right one for you. There are a few outlets available on BlackBerry to find new applications, the first is the CrackBerry Store. It's quite simple to navigate, the applications are broken down into categories for easy searching, and if you are looking for something you can't find through the category search there is a search feature for keywords as well. This can be viewed via the web, and also easily browsed from your phone by downloading the app store via this link from your BlackBerry browser.

In addition to this option, users can browse and download tons of applications while on the go through BlackBerry AppWorld, which comes pre-installed on your device. You will need to set up a BlackBerry ID, a simple process which you are guided through, and you can chose to use a credit card, or PayPal for your application purchases. AppWorld can be browsed via a PC by heading to this site, or can be browsed directly from your device, and is home to tons of applications which are as well broken down into categorie that can be browsed, as well as showing a carousel of featured applications for you to browse.

Coupling your new device to a new BlackBerry PlayBook

Bold / PlayBook

Odds are you have already heard of the BlackBerry PlayBook, (read our review) whether in a good way or bad way, you know what it is, and probably some basics of what it does, but there is much more to it. The BlackBerry PlayBook is a great "continued phone" type experience for BlackBerry users, and while RIM continues to work behind the scenes to upgrade the OS, and bring more features and functionality to the device it is an amazing piece of hardware.  Many webOS users loved the added features that were involved when using a TouchPad along with their existing device, like the tap to transfer information, and many other things, and much like that combo the PlayBook makes a great companion to your BlackBerry device.

The BlackBerry Bridge allows users to bond their BlackBerry device to their PlayBook and view and edit information that is on the BlackBerry right from the PlayBook. Users can respond to emails, chat via BBM, browse the web, update notes, and more all without needing to touch their BlackBerry device. While we wait for the much anticipated updates to hit which will bring an Android Player, native e-mail, and much more to the device, in its current state it is still an extremely useful piece of hardware, and for those looking for something extra, a bigger screen, something a bit easier to work on, the BlackBerry PlayBook fits this void perfectly.

Using the CrackBerry forums to aid you through the transition


We all know that there is no way we can cover ALL the information you will need to make your transition smooth, some will run into some various issues, come up with unique questions along the way, but fear not, we got you covered. The CrackBerry forums have over 3 million members who are always willing to help answer questions, and work with users to get their problems solved. The forums contain tons of useful threads already, but don't be shy if you search and come up dry to create a new post with your question. Check out some of our helpful forum areas below, along with some great threads to check out.

As always, it is definitely a good thing to know the rules around the forums, while we like to have a lot of fun in there, we need to keep it controlled. CrackBerry.com is a family friendly environment, and we take that very seriously.

In addition to the helpful posts in the forum, you will probably want to run through our BlackBerry 101 classes and How To Videos which cover just about any and everything that you can think of.

So, now that you know the move can be a rather easy one, and we are here to support you 100% and welcome you to the CrackBerry Nation, will you be leaving your old webOS device behind in favor of a brand new BlackBerry device? We would love to hear from you, so be sure to let us know if you will be making the switch!

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