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Whether you started out with the iPhone as your first smartphone of choice, or you were an ex-BlackBerry user who got frustrated, the time to come back to the platform is now. With tons of options in the smartphone world it is hard to make a decision, but at the end of the day most of us rely on our phones for a lot, and you need a phone that will be there for you. With the recent release of the new BlackBerry 7 Smartphones, the upcoming devices that are yet to be released, and already the talk of a QNX based phone, don't you want to have a productivity machine in your pocket to help you get through the day? Let's hit the break and take a look at a few things that will help make your switch back to BlackBerry, or your first purchase a breeze.

Picking the right device

BlackBerry 7 Devices

If all you have ever known was the touch screen display of the iPhone then you may be looking towards an all touch device, but you may also be interested in a bit of a change and wanting to bring the best keyboard in the industry into your hands. Picking the right smartphone for your daily needs is something that you, and only you can do. We can give you the facts about each of them, which we did quite extensively in the reviews which you will find below, but the decision is up to you in the end, you have to use it on a daily basis. Let's read some of those reviews:

If you were a previous BlackBerry user be sure to note that these devices are unlike others that you may have used, with the beefed up processor, the upgraded OS, and the addition of new features within it feels like a whole new machine. With options for all touch devices or a combo of touch and keyboard there is a device that suits the needs of just about anyone, it is just a matter of figuring out which of them is best for you.

Coupling your new device with a tablet


With tablets becoming more and more popular among users, the hunt for the perfect tablet becomes nearly impossible. Each variation has its pros and cons, and each fits the need of a user differently, but the BlackBerry PlayBook (read our review) offers some features and an experience that can be unmatched by any other tablet. We all know that the iPad is definitely the most talked about tablet on the market, and arguably the best in class, and we can embrace that. For many, while researching tablets they look for the games that are available, the variety of applications, and how it fits their needs beyond their smartphone use.

BlackBerry devices are best in class when it comes to getting things done, most users want their device to be a communication machine, along with a few critical apps to get them by, but want a completely different experience from the tablet. After reading through Kevin's Hierarchy of Smartphone Needs a lot of it can translate to tablets as well, many users want that strong keyboard, get stuff done device while on the go, and that have some fun, and play some games larger device for times they aren't working. Looking for the best combo of devices to carry around daily? Grab a keyboard BlackBerry device and accompany it with a tablet of your choice, and let your productivity and fun work together.

Moving your information from the iPhone to your new BlackBerry

contact switch

As much as we wish this was a cut and dry simple process, moving information from the iPhone to your BlackBerry can be a bit more difficult than a few simple clicks. If you happen to store all your contacts and calendar appointments in Google the process is a breeze, visit m.google.com/sync from your BlackBerry device, install Google Sync and vefify your cridentials. After you do this you can sync your contacts and calendar events to your BlackBerry instantly, with 2 way sync following the initial sync.

For users who do not use Google Sync there are quite a few threads already with users discussing how they managed to transfer their contacts from their iPhone to their BlackBerry device.

Finding those applications you used everyday


One thing that so many people like about using iOS devices is the wide variety of applications that are found in the AppStore, as well as the amount of games and the quality of them. Previously BlackBerry has been knocked for its application selection, but some recent changes on RIM's end opened up a whole bunch of new avenues for developers to tap into, which allows them to expand their current applications, and bring some new ideas to life as well. One thing about BlackBerry applications is that they often times tie directly into the core applications of the device, like the notepad, the calendar and more, giving nearly seamless integration across the device and an extremely easy to use feel. RIM has realized developers are a huge part of their continued success and have began showing more support, just recently they had a BBM Hackathon event which tons of great stuff came from.

While hunting for BlackBerry applications you can go through a few different channels that you can search to find just what you are looking for. Users can use the CrackBerry AppStore to find and purchase their favorite applications, applications are broken down by which category they fall in, and can also be sorted by free and paid, as well as easily determining which applications are new to the market. Another alternative is BlackBerry AppWorld, this is more the AppStore of BlackBerry devices. Much like the other markets it can be browsed by category, free and paid, and featured applications, but what is great is you can authorize your Paypal account as the payment method, making purchasing applications a breeze.

Making the device your own


One great thing about owning any device is the ability to make it your very own, and BlackBerry happens to be the easiest of any platform to really make the device your own. Whether you are looking to add custom ringtones, or wallpapers, or you want to overhaul the whole appearance of the device, it is all possible. Here on CrackBerry we have an extensive selection of ringtones and wallpapers that you can download right from your device, and also a huge selection of themes for your device.

Gone are the days of needing to jailbreak your device to change the icons on the device, or add a custom ringtone for email or text message alerts. In addition to being able to modify these tones, users can set profiles that can be activated at different times, allowing them the option to easily turn off sounds, have only the ringtone ring, or set the device to vibrate for all the notifications. Be sure to follow weekly as we bring you some of the best themes from the forums, and keep an eye on the new wallpapers as they roll in.

Using the CrackBerry forums to aid you through the transition

CB Forums

With a community of over 3 million members, and plenty of new members daily, to say there is a large group of people to warmly welcome your change, and bring you any support needed would be an understatement. Check out this quick guide on the site, sure it may sound silly, but there is tons of content you won't want to miss. Whether an experienced BlackBerry user, or someone who just got their first device, there are tons of existing threads with answers to simple and complex questions, and if you can't find the response to your unique question, we can helo with that as well. Beyond having all the answers to your complex questions, we also have areas to download media, get carrier related questions answered, and places to network with other BlackBerry users as well.

As always, it is definitely a good thing to know the rules around the forums, while we like to have a lot of fun in there, we need to keep it controlled. CrackBerry.com is a family friendly environment, and we take that very seriously.

In addition to the helpful posts in the forum, you will probably want to run through our BlackBerry 101 classes and How To Videos which cover just about any and everything that you can think of. Check out a few of them below.

See, leaving that iPhone behind in favor of a brand new BlackBerry device is something that can be done, and rather simply, especially with the support of the CrackBerry Nation. Knowing that we are all here to support and guide you through your transition, will you be making the switch?

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