New for the BlackBerry PlayBook this week is Switch which sees you guide a spacecraft along four lanes -- but of course it isn't quite that simple. Along the lanes are energy beams that you need to avoid as they will wreck your craft. Switching between lanes is controlled by simply touching either the right or left side of the PlayBook screen.

Once you have the hang of the game you can speed things up at bit. At the main menu is the option to turn on and off 5000+ mode. Turning this on will increase the speed of the game and unless you have ninja reflexes this makes the game really hard. But that's a good thing - it would be boring without an element of a real challenge. In 5000+ mode there are also other spacecraft to dodge meaning things get a little bit tricky.

Switch will set you back $0.99 and it is a worthy price tag if you think you have the skills required to play.

Features of Switch include:

  • Simple controls and very addictive.
  • High Speed Gameplay.
  • Console quality visuals and sounds.
  • Original sound and music.

More information/Download Switch for the BlackBerry PlayBook